Illegal taxis at Schiphol airport
Inspection has started a big crackdown

Malafide entrepreneurs have now fully focused on the city's taxi market, and commit massive fraud, the AD reports. 'In the taxi register there is a great company, but as soon as we check we encounter strange things,' says Sikko Oosterhoff, coordinating specialist inspector at the ILT against the newspaper from Rotterdam. 'BVs go bankrupt soon, contracts with drivers are signed in shady cafes, paychecks can not be submitted and an owner can not be found.'

Because of this they can quickly earn a lot of money and drive cheaper. But since last week, the ILT, together with the tax authorities, the Public Prosecutor and the police, opened the attack. Teams are on the road every day to tackle these rogue entrepreneurs. When checking, it appears that no on-board computer has been installed and the most striking: drivers do not know which boss they are driving for.

But what does it mean for the consumer? Well, nothing at all. The rates are not higher or lower and the illegal companies - like any other taxi company - advertise online. It is therefore primarily a tax-technical issue.

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