Pick-up procedure
How does Schiphol taxi work

Taxi from Schiphol

Our driver will send you a textmessage within 15 minutes after landing. He will ask you for an indication on when you have your luggage and will be clearing customs. Our driver needs your message in order to estimate when to be ready for you at the meeting place. If the driver does not receive a textmessage back he will try to contact you by other means, such as calling or WhatsApp. After your driver has contacted you, you will have his name, phonenumber, vehicle type and license plate. When you have cleared customs with your luggage, please let the driver know. 

Your taxi will be waiting for you at departures 3 (upstairs) door D.

The taxi can stay here for a maximum of 1 hour after you have landed. Make sure however to reach out to your driver within 30 minutes after landing, this way the driver will definately wait for you.

If the driver does not receive any feedback from you within 30 minutes after the flight has landed, the ride will be cancelled by the driver. You will then need to contact the Schiphol taxi dispatch yourself, to see what can be arranged. Our dispatch service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also show your confirmation e-mail at one of the 5 info desks at Schiphol Plaza.

Important information!

When booking a Schiphol taxi online, always include the correct full flightnumer and mobile phonenumber (including the countrycode!) of the passengers.

Taxi to Schiphol

You can easily book a Schiphol taxi via our website. Once you have reserved your taxi, you will receive a booking confirmation from us by e-mail. Please keep this as proof of your reservation.

Tracking your taxi

You can track your taxi 10 minutes before your pick-up time. The confirmation e-mail contains a link through which you can follow your Schiphol taxi, so you can perfectly estimate when it will be at your door. You can also contact the driver via this link if necessary. It is possible that 

You can follow your taxi no later than 10 minutes before the agreed time. The reservation confirmation contains a link with which you can follow our Schiphol taxi, so you can perfectly estimate when it will be at your door.
Furthermore, you can also contact the driver via this link. It is possible that our taxi driver will contact you by phone 15 minutes before arrival so that you can take his arrival time into account.

The confirmation also contains a link with which you can (if necessary) change or cancel your taxi reservation yourself.