Traveling with pets
Guidelines related to animals


You want to bring your pet along in the taxi? Good news. Contrary to other taxicompanies we have no problems with you bringing your pet along. However, because of the safety of your pet, and the driver, please carry your pet in a cage or bench.

When you take animals abroad, you must comply with various rules. Your animal must therefore be vaccinated and your animal must be transported safely. To be able to safely transport an animal in a taxi, we ask you to take into account that there are also certain rules in the taxi for animals. For example, the driver must not be hindered in practicing his profession, for example due to allergy, odor or shock reactions. For your and our safety, we ask you to transport your animal in a closed cage or bench in the backseat or in the luggage room (possibly the hat shelf can be removed.) In consultation with the driver, you can also take your pet on your lap.


Bringing service animals in the taxi

Of course you can always bring a service animal such as a guide dog in our Schiphol taxi. From an ethical point of view, refusing an service animal would not be justified, but according to Dutch law, service animals can not be refused in a taxi. In short: you can always take your service animal  in our Schiphol taxi!


Reserving space for animals

We kindly request you to mention in the comments field that you are bringing animals into the taxi when making your reservation. Please state the type of animal and the dimensions of the required cage/bench. Depending on the size of the cage/bench, the type of vehicle can be selected for your journey with the Schiphol taxi.
Usually a stationwagon is sufficient to accommodate your pet traveling along. But obviously when there are multiple passengers, suitcases and (large) pets the option for a mini Van should be made.

If in doubt, you can always contact us so that we can advise you on the type of transport that best suits your situation.