Traveling with children
Children in the taxi

You want te be ensured of a safe taxi ride, especially when traveling with children. Therefore we offer safe and reliable taxi's for families and relatives traveling with small children. The advantage of Schiphol taxi for children is that our taxi's are all safe and comfortable, en (if possible) have entertainment systems for children.

Small children are allowed to be transported in a taxi without a childseat, boosterchair or maxi cosi. Just like in other Dutch public transportation, taxi's are exempted by law. Therefore we do not provide these in our Schiphol taxi.
Of course you can always bring your own childseat if you want to. Children aged 3 years and older are allowed to sit by themselves on the backseat, while wearing a seatbelt. You can carry children under the age of 3 on your lap. If you wish, any child longer than 1m35 is allowed to sit in the front passenger seat.

Traveling with children can be stressfull, so you want to be sure of a safe and reliable Schiphol taxi. Therefore our taxi's are monitored on extra safety points and have a yearly check-up at the RDW. In addition, our drivers are periodically checked to ensure that they take all the desired safety measures.
We try to plan non-smoking drivers on taxirides with children whenever possible. So do leave a remark, if there are children traveling with you. Naturally, our Schiphol taxi drivers are in possession of all necessary permits, diploma's and skills. We are also strict on the resting times of the drivers, so the are focussed and sharp on the road. 

As described on our page about luggage, you can choose from 4 different types of Schiphol taxis: a sedan, stationwagon, minivan or business class. When choosing a taxi type keep the extra luggage that comes from traveling with children in mind. Especially strollers and buggies can take up a lot of extra space. When choosing a means of transport, always pay attention to the amount of luggage space. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for advice.