Our vehicle types

All our vehicles have regular check-ups and all have the Dutch quality control mark (TX-keurmerk). Taxi's can be recognized by the blue license plates, which are obligatory for Dutch taxi's. Dutch taxi's are of the most luxuous taxi's in the world and especially at Schiphol airport we have more and more 100% electric cars. 

Your Schiphol Taxi will most likely just have the blue license plate and not the (yellow) taxi sign on the roof and/or stickers on the sides. Also the driver will have a (digital) taxidriver legitimation. This way you are assured of a legitimate taxi with a professional driver to safely transport you to and from Schiphol for a fair price.

Schiphol taxi offers you a variety of 4 transportation types. And per type there is a great variety in brands and options per vehicle. Wether you are looking for luxury or just a lot of space, all is on offer.

Some example of our taxi types:


Our regular Schiphol taxi's have a neat appearance and offer good comfort, in order to offer a relaxing and carefree transportation to and from Schiphol airport. The regular sedan taxi's offer space for 4 passengers (1 in the front next to the driver and 3 on the backseat). Experience teaches us that 3 people on the backseat is a relative tight fit with 3 'large' adults. The trunk of these taxi's offers space for an average of 2 check-in suitcases and 2 carry on pieces of luggage.  

For example: Mercedes C-class Sedan


A stationwagon offers more space than a regular sedan taxi, since it is a little longer. Just like a regular sedan taxi, it offers space to a max of 4 passengers. The main advantage of a stationwagon is the loading space for luggage. Most Schiphol taxi stationwagons can fit up to 4 check-in suitcaes.

For example: Mercedes E-class estate


The minivan is the vehicle of choice when you prefer more sitting space, need more luggage space or of course when you are with 5-8 people. most minivan's or small busses can accomodate 8 passengers and 8 check-in suitcases.

For example: Mercedes Vito

Businessclass taxi

The business class taxi's distinguish themselves from regular taxi's by offering a more luxurious cartype and drivers with extra expertise. The experienced and trained drivers will always be at the pick-up location beforehand. In general the taxi's will have all options a new quality car offers such as privacy glass, Wifi, phone chargers, silence, great airconditioning, leather seating etc. The driver will go out of his way to assist you.

For example: Jaguar XF