Schiphol in top-10 duurste taxi’s
Een taxiritje van luchthaven naar het stadscentrum kost in Europa gemiddeld 40 euro

This is evident from a British-Dutch survey of the fifty busiest airports in Europe by experts from 'Vliegveldinfo' and 'AirMundo'. It concerns the official taxi fares. De Telegraaf was given access to the results, which are presented today.

The highest taxi fares are paid by air travelers in Geneva (5.67 euro per km), Zurich, Copenhagen, Nice, Düsseldorf and Brussels (between 3 and 5 euro). Because of the relatively long distances to the heart of the city, the London airports are the most expensive in absolute terms; you can easily pay over 100 euros.

Turkey cheap

According to the survey, the cheapest are the Turkish, Romanian, Polish and Russian airports with often less than half a euro per kilometer fare. For example, the airport taxi in the Turkish resort of Antalya costs no more than 7 euros. Schiphol has a similar distance, but it costs 45 euros.

According to Guus Wantia of, taxi tariffs have hardly increased at Schiphol since 2010. "This is in contrast to parking, which has become considerably more expensive. This is also due to stricter supervision on the correct prices. "

Source: Telegraaf