Schiphol business taxi
Your business taxi

We understand that you want your trip to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Business travellers will receive a standard upgrade to a more comfortable vehicle.

We get regular requests by companies to use our taxi’s for their business travel needs, on a higher service level than the regular airport taxi’s We of course gladly provide this service.


Advantages of Schiphol Taxi business:

  1. Corporate login
  2. Fast and easy online reservation dashboard
  3. Relaxt and comfortable travels
  4. Driver will always be waiting for the passenger
  5. Luxuous transportation in style
  6. No parking hassles

We have a variety of exclusive cars for business travel purposes. We take the preferences of business travellers into account and will upgrade the vehichle to a businessclass Schiphol taxi. In order for your colleague or business partner to experience extra comfort and exclusiveness. We will also allow for extra time in the driver’s planning to be able to always be on time for the trip, so that the driver will be waiting and the passenger can step straight into the taxi..

Quite often the business class taxi’s are arranged for someone else. When booking a taxi for a colleague or business partner, always take care in supplying the correct passenger details. We need the mobile phonenumber including the countrycode in order for our driver to contact the passenger. If you have not entered the correct info or the passenger is not able to reach the driver. Please have the passenger contact one of the 15 information desks at the Airport. Or give us a call.

With the corporate login you can easily monitor all your taxirides. It will also be possible to pay on invoice or beforehand for the passenger, so your business client does not need to pay in the taxi. Please send us the invoicing information and we will set-up a corporate account for you. This way you (or your colleagues) can easily book your companies taxi rides at a fixed and competitive fee.

Please let us know if you have a Schiphol privium membership. This way we know that your passenger will be ready at the airport even faster.