Ordering a Schiphol Taxi for individuals
Your private Schiphol Airport taxi

Pre book your taxi online in order to benefit up to 80% on the fareprice you would pay for a taxi from the official taxistand at the airport. If you book and pay in advance you will get the lowest fixed fee. You can also take a taxi last-minute at the official taxistand of course. But be aware of the huge price differences.

So it is essential to pre book your taxi as soon as possible, so you can be assured of a fair price to Schiphol, or your end destination of choice.


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It is not just safe to pre-book your taxi through our website, you are also assured of a competitive price. We garantee a fixed fee. So the price you see is the price you pay. We calculate honest costs and will drive the most efficient route to your destination.

Currently there is an abundance of illegal taxidrivers active at the airport. They will try to convince you to come with them at the arrival area. Please refrain from using any services offered to you unsollicited. You can avoid these situations by booking your taxi in advance, you will be in direct contact with your designated driver

If you choose to go to the taxistand and get an official taxi from this line, then you will still not know your exact cost for the taxi until reaching your destination. We do it differently by having you reserve a taxi with a fixed price.

You can reserve a taxi on the day of your travel, but we advice to always pre-book a taxi as far in advance as possible. This way we have enough time to make efficient plannings for our drivers. With airport transportation there is always a chance of delays of course.

After booking the taxi you will receive a confirmation e-mail on the given e-mailaddress. You can always change or cancel your reservation through a link in this e-mail.

If you encounter any problems while ordering, you can of course always contact our Schip taxi dispatch center. We are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We keep track of your flight. After landing at Schiphol airport, we make sure that your dedicated driver will contact you within 15 minutes. Therefore it is important that you leave your mobile phonenumber (including the countrycode!) and your flightnumber with us while making the reservation. Don’t forget to turn on your phone after landing.

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