Schiphol taxi from the official taxi stand
Fareprice is calculated by taximeter

Our taxi drivers are available for you at the official taxistand at Schiphol Airport. The taxistand is in front op Schiphol Plaza. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in order to drive you from Schiphol Airport to your end destination of choice.

If you have reserved your taxi online beforehand, then your driver will not be waiting at the taxistand. Please refer to our pickup procedure.

Pay attention: Illegal taxi's are active at the airport and will go to extreme measures to get you in their taxi. Resulting in high and unfair fees at the end of your trip. These illegal taxi's will talk to you unsollicited at the airport or even in the line at the taxistand. Always ask your driver from the taxistand to turn on their taximeter prior to leaving and use your own Google maps to see if the driver takes the expected route.  

To avoid all this you can pre-book your taxi online. The price you see is the price you pay. Transparant and honest. You can reserve your taxi 3 hours in advance.

Taximeter fareprice calculation

The official Schiphol Airport Taxi taximeter fareprice can be calculated as follows. You will have a starting fee which then goes up per minute and per kilomter.

Taxi's up to 4 passengers
* Startfee: €3,19
* Per kilometer: €2,35
* Per minute: €0,39

Taxi's 5 - 8 passengers
* Startfee: €6,49
* Per kilometer: €2,95
* Per minute: €,044

Calculate your online reservation fee here